We got your name and address from a special source. They told us you were a serious entrepreneur-not just a "tire kicker" looking for another 3-month "program" that collapses under his own failed promises. Because of that , we decided you should get more than just a "postcard in the mail." You deserved to know the full background story behind the system we've developed over the last 2+ years. 

You see, over the years I've developed postcard mailing systems for several different companies with great success. I was in semi-retirement until 2011, when I got a call from an old friend. This guy had been making more than $60,000 a month (honest!) promoting a network marketing company the "old" way. But he wanted me to take a look at a different company he'd just joined. I tried to turn him down, but he wouldn't take "no" for an answer. He said, "Dick, you're the BEST postcard marketing guy I know." So reluctantly, I went and took a look. 

Well, I was just BLOWN AWAY at the pay plan and product pricing. I actually drove 3 hours one way to meet the founders of this company in person to make sure they were "real." They were. The company executives receive NO SALARY. Their pay plan is the same as the one their reps have-which means they "feel your pain" when you have challenges building your group-PLUS they are making their money doing exactly what you do. Anyone who brings in at least two people can make real money-so even "Mom and Pop" hit a very rapid growth spurt. 

So I cornered one of my old mailing partners and we put together a postcard mailing system. I expected it to succeed. What I didn't expect was the EXPLOSION of interest in what we were doing. It's perfect for people who like to mail. The system worked so well, the company owners wanted to make it available to all their members. With a Direct Mail System, that wasn't possible. But then we figured out a way to put the system ON STEROIDS and make it available to the entire company.

                                                             Right now, you're thinking. "Yeah, right. 

                                                      But how do I know this isn't BS?"

We created our Direct Mail postcard system in August 2011. In two years, we brought in more than 2500 new people and grew our monthly product sales volume to more than $50,000! That system requires people to send the postcard back to us and request a Business Kit, which explains the program in detail, including product and pay plan information. The Kit includes a coupon to request FREE postcards and FREE leads to get people started. That coupon also allows them to join the program by phone, fax, return mail, or online. The only drawback to the Direct Mail system was, it was SLOW. (2-3 trips back and forth by mail-that's why they call it "Snail Mail", right?)

That's when the light bulb went off in our tired old brain cells. What if....we could have ONLY ONE trip through the mail? And what if...we could COMBINE our highly successful Direct Mail system with the SPEED and POWER of the Internet? You see, we'd been down the Internet pathway before. We'd also tried meetings, 3-ways, phone calls etc. All those things "work" for those who have the skills to make them work. However, they don't address the fundamental requirement of relationship marketing:  DUPLICATION. You see,

  • Everyone can't do person-to-person recruiting well
  • Everyone can't learn online marketing techniques and skills
  • Everyone can't (or won't) do cold calling on the phone....

But ANYONE (even your Grandmother) can mail a postcard! With the introduction of social media (especially Facebook), more and more people (including Baby Boomers and Grandmothers) are getting online. But most of them have no idea how to use the true power and earning potential of the web. So we developed a System that only requires them to do something dirt simple. MAIL A POSTCARD that sends prospects to a special website that explains our SYSTEM just like our Business Kit did. 

That website had to be an absolute killer, though it had to be so compelling, almost anybody who went and looked at the short videos describing the products, the pay plan and the SYSTEM we had would JUMP AT THE CHANCE to join! By now, you're just DYING to take a look. And you can. Just click on: PostcardsIntoCash.com 

The system we developed, is revolutionizing our industry. Nothing else even comes close. We even offer FREE postcards to our members! At last....you don't have to be a computer geek to make money online! Our company offers the best tasting chewable vitamin formula on the market today. And now, we have a proprietary product that actually increases your glutathione levels-critical for older folks. Balance your immune system. Detox your body. Help delay the aging process! Recover more quickly from exercise. Both of these products are priced to be affordable for anyone! 

You're CRAZY if you don't check this out. We've produced an image from the post card we're using. Just go to the website above and find out all the juicy details. Or call 855-406-0185 to learn more! Hope to work with you soon!